You can move your domain to Host It Bro quickly. There are few requirements before you can transfer your domain to Host It Bro. Let’s have a look at them now from below.

Requirements for transfer domain to Host It Bro

  1. Unlock your domain name.
  2. Authorization code from your current domain registrar (Also known as EPP code or transfer key).
  3. Administrative Email access listed on your domain name.

Steps to Transfer domain name to Host It Bro

In this example, we are moving domain name from Godaddy to Host it Bro.

  • Open your godaddy account, click on my products.
  • Locate your domain name & click on manage.
  • Now, set Domain lock status off.
  • It will take few seconds to apply changes, once done follow below steps.
  • Select Get authorization code option.
  • Check your mail for the EPP code.
  • Once you have EPP code, open your Host It Bro account & click Transfer domain to us under domains menu.
  • Enter your domain name which you wish to transfer & enter EPP Code.
  • Once you’ve filled out required details, click Add to Cart option.
  • Domain will be added to cart, proceed to payment. You can have a look at domain pricing page.
  • Once you’ve completed the payment, domain will be added to your Host It Bro Account, but status will be pending.
  • Now, wait for few minutes. You will get mail from godaddy regarding confirmation of transfer. You need to confirm is manually from Transfer out section.
  • Once you’ve accepted transfer, within few minutes your domain will be active in Host It Bro client area.

These were the steps to transfer domain from Godaddy to Host It Bro. If you’ve any questions regarding this, let us know via live chat or submit a ticket.

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